Decorating with Holiday Style

Spice Up Your Decor for the Holidays

We love the way so many homes transform during the holidays. As the temperature dips, most of us turn up the heat inside. The usual suspects for changing the color and mood of your home for the holidays are crackling fires, twinkle lights, candles, vases, flowers, table linens, iconic imagery, and holiday tree ornaments. It’s no surprise that one of our favorite ways to warm up, spice up, or otherwise reflect the season is to add twinkle, texture and color with throw pillows. They are relatively inexpensive, abundant in colors and styles, and the covers can be folded into tiny little envelopes to be stored for the rest of the year. The inserts can be redressed and stay on the sofa where they belong.

We’ve chosen some of our favorite pillows, so easily adapted to reflect the holidays.

Add some twinkle and shine with these metallic, 100% linen pillows:

Tuscany Linen Silver Metallic 16x16 Throw Pillow

Tuscany Linen Silver

Tuscany Linen Gold Metallic 16x16 Throw Pillow

Tuscany Linen Gold

Tuscany Linen Platinum Metallic 16x16 Throw Pillow

Tuscany Linen Platinum

Use luxurious faux fur or Mongolian sheepskin pillows to add warmth and texture:

Snow Leopard Faux Fur 20x20 Throw Pillow

Snow Leopard Faux Fur

Mongolian Sheepskin Snow White

Mongolian Snow White

Tawny Lynx Faux Fur 20x20 Throw Pillow

Tawny Lynx Faux Fur

Mongolian Sheepskin Champagne

Mongolian Champagne

Choose an accent color(s) to complement the rest of your holiday décor:

Glamorous Greens

Houndstooth Spheres 18x18 Green Throw Pillow

Houndstooth Spheres

Milano 16x16 Sage Decorative Pillow

Milano Sage Green

Monroe Velvet Stripes 22x22 Green Throw Pillow

Monroe Velvet Green

Rich Reds

Bohemian Damask Red, White and Ocher Throw Pillow

Bohemian Damask Red

Proud Peacock Red Throw Pillow

Proud Peacock Red

Monroe Velvet Stripes 22x22 Red Throw Pillow

Monroe Velvet Red

Moody Blues

Glitter Stripes 20x20 Blue and Gray Throw Pillow

Bohemian Damask Red

Milano 16x16 Indigo Decorative Pillow

Milano Indigo

Houndstooth Spheres 18x18 Blue Throw Pillow

Houndstooth Spheres Blue

Party Pinks

Metallic Floral Pink

Metallic Floral Pink

Scroll on Deep Pink Silk LT Throw Pillow

Scroll Pink Silk

Houndstooth Spheres 18x18 Pink Throw Pillow

Houndstooth Spheres Pink

Passionate Purples

Ribbed Silk Plum Wine 17x17 Throw Pillow

Ribbed Silk Plum Wine

Velvet Multi Stripes Blue 16x16 Throw Pillow

Velvet Multi Stripes

Milano 16x16 Purple Decorative Pillow

Milano Purple

Or, if you aren’t in the mood to change things up completely, just add some sparkle or faux fur to your every day throw pillows and watch them take on a seasonal ambiance. Enjoy the season!

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