Decorating with Metallics

Decorating with Metallic Colors

Ring in with Bling: Decorating with Metallics

As we settle into 2014, readers may be wondering what some of the hottest trends in decorating might be for the brand new year. One of the most prominent trends in 2014 is the use of metallic colors for decoration. Here are some ways to incorporate metallics into your living space.

Keep It Simple

Metallics can be wonderfully glamorous, but, as always, try not to go overboard. This is because a room with too many reflective surfaces can feel gaudy rather than trendy. As such, creating the right balance is important. First and foremost, make sure the metallics you choose are smaller and not too close together – think accents rather than large pieces of furniture. You can use items such as candles or candle holders, vases, or photo frames for a chic and subtle incorporation of metallic shades. Don’t worry too much about mixing metallics – if silver and gold both strike your fancy, you can definitely use both in a way that is tasteful as long as you retain an overall simple feel of your space.

Decorating with Metallics


Metallic Candles


Light Colors and Natural Light

Metallics can be overwhelming sometimes, which is why it’s important to use lighter colors and natural light to offset the effect. Pastels, neutrals, and natural tones are great choices for the primary color of a room, and you may even find that metallics will enhance the natural light in a room (as in the way a mirror might).

Throw Pillows

One excellent way to add metallic accents to a space is to use throw pillows. Metallics against matte colors or the aforementioned neutrals can definitely pop. Consider a throw pillow that has a neutral base with metallic accents, such as the Metallic Birds Blue Haze Throw Pillow from Pillow Décor. The wonderfully glamorous look of metallic accents simply can’t be beat, especially when paired with soft and luxurious fabrics.

Pillow Decor - Metallic Birds Blue Haze Throw Pillow

Pillow Decor – Metallic Birds Blue Haze Throw Pillow

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