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You Don’t Need Paint To Add Color!

Are you bored of beige? If the interior of your home is bumming you out, it may be time to brighten up your living space a bit. But don’t assume you need to bring out the paint and rollers – there are a number of ways to add color to your living space without going through the arduous process of painting your home.

How to Combine Colors

One great way to start introducing color into a neutral room in your home is to choose a bold color and then work around that with accent colors. Combinations like a bold blue with supplementary teal and light yellow-green, or golden yellow with dark and bright greens, hold up beautifully.

Ways to Add Color

One excellent and very simple way to brighten up a dull room is to add a colorful rug or curtains, or even brightly colored furniture. Consider, too, window treatments to bathe entire rooms in soft colorful light without even touching a paintbrush.

Of course, throw pillows are a great way to add splashes of color throughout a room. A bonus to using throw pillows is that they also provide a wonderful sense of comfort in addition to their colorful flair. In rooms with a neutral tone to the walls and furniture, solid colored throw pillows are a wonderful way to brighten up an entire space without being overwhelming.

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Adding color definitely doesn’t have to look simple. If solid color cotton pillows aren’t your style, then maybe you are after a material that feels a little more upscale. Consider these Royal Suede Throw Pillows from Pillow Décor, which come in a great size for comfort and stay put on your couches, chairs, or bedding due to the texture of the fabric. You can’t beat the luxurious feel of faux suede to accent the wonderful brightness of these pillows.

Mongolian Sheepskin Hot Pink Pillow

Mongolian Sheepskin Hot Pink Pillow

Mongolian Sheepskin Lime Green Pillow

Mongolian Sheepskin Lime Green Pillow

Mongolian Sheepskin Turquoise Blue Pillow

Mongolian Sheepskin Turquoise Blue Pillow

Green: Fall 2013’s hot color

Green is the hot hue in home décor this fall. Varying from lime to dark moss, this color can add style to any room.

Want to incorporate green in your home? If you’re feeling adventurous, paint a wall in your favorite shade. But if you’re not up for that kind of commitment, do what we love doing: play with accents instead.

Green Pillows

On a neutral palette, pillows can really pop. Add one really bold pillow to make a statement, like this Mongolian sheepskin pillow:
Green Mongolian Sheepskin Throw Pillow

Or go for a trio of cushions in varying shades and patterns for a tied-together look:

Filigree Green Pillow
Filigree Green Throw Pillow

Wide Wale Corduroy Green Pillow
Wide Wale Corduroy Green 12x20 Throw Pillow

Green Apple and Gray Stripes Throw Pillow
Green Apple and Gray Stripes Throw Pillow


Look no further than your grocery store. Granny Smith apples in a large glass bowl or green pears lined up on a long white platter instantly adds delicious flair that you can eat, too!

Your Green Stuff

Sleuth your closets for green accessories that you can group together to create impact. Take books with green in the covers and in a stack or group different green bottles and vases together for an eclectic centerpiece.
Green Decor

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